POS Retail Solutions That Can Improve Your Bottom Line

If you are in the furniture or home goods business, you need POS retail solutions that can help your business grow. Not every retail POS software suite has the tools or versatility required in the home goods retail industry. Limited item options, stunted data tracking, a difficult to use interface, or systems that don’t readily integrate with manufacturer descriptions and coding all make inventory and employee management difficult.

Unlike most retail POS systems, PROFITsystems, a HighJump Product, allows you to easily manage sales, employee statistics, and inventory, all with a simple to use system and powerful analytical tools. POS retail solutions have never been so easy to grasp, letting you aggregate data and improve and grow your retail business with minimal adjustment and investment.

Real Time Inventory Solutions

Every retail owner or operator has been there before – spring inventory. You find cases of unsold furniture and décor items, and wonder how many you could have possibly ordered and how you can possibly get rid of them, as they take up valuable warehouse space and collect dust. This problem is common when inventory analysis has been reduced to simple “in stock” numbers and ordering is done as items reach a certain threshold.

What if, instead, you could easily analyze the sale numbers for a given item over time, letting you see sales trends, times of year an item is popular, sales people who sell that item well, or even which options are best sellers? With this information you can choose the options your customers want while avoiding reordering for items that will simply take up space and cost you money to purchase, store, and then have to sell at a reduced rate.

Customer Satisfaction from POS Retail Solutions

When it comes down to it, customer satisfaction is what keeps you in business. With the right point of sale software, your customers can have more accuracy and order input than ever before. With PROFITsystems, you get a powerful tool that lets sales staff enter orders quickly and easily. Data and customer information are stored and accurately tracked, and can even be revised on the same slip to limit paperwork, lost requests, and clerical errors.

A full order history and sales history even lets your sales staff recommend items and help your customers find the right purchase each and every time. Even if an order date has to be altered due to building or remodeling deadlines, these changes can be made without causing a hassle for your staff or customer base.

On time. Accurate. Powerful Data. All of these tools will keep your customers happy and your bottom line intact. With PROFITsystems for POS retail solutions, everyone gets to go home happy.

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