A POS Software Business Model

PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, has been serving the home goods industry with pos software for many years, ranging as far back as the beginning of the computer age. Prior to that, the Stark family was in the business of home goods and furniture themselves. As such, we are a name to be trusted in the realm of retail pos systems that deal with the home goods industry and similar business models. After all, the entire point of those types of industries is to have an often fluid inventory which is constantly in motion – coming in and going right back out in terms of sales. Stock which sits for a long period of time often loses value, or can get lost outright.

POS software and the average billiards store

Your average billiards store has hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of inventory because of the wide spread of products which they are likely to carry. For example, most billiards stores can be better classified as a “recreation room store,” which provides everything from pool tables to poker tables, as well as things like video gaming machines and artwork for similar types of rooms. As such, it’s important that each piece in your show room be recorded, so that you can know both what you paid for it, and how long it has been on your sales floor.

Furthermore, in addition to the stock on the floor, most billiards companies offer a shipment section of their business. While there is, of course, the billiards tables on the sales floor, many people have to custom order their tables to be able to fit their particular spaces. Pos software can be an easy solution for this, letting you know if you have the right table in stock, either at your location or in the warehouse, or if you will need to special order it for your customer.

Finally, one element of most billiard store business models is the sale of small items, such as chalk for cues, poker chips, and so forth. With a reliable pos software tool, provided by PROFITsystems’, a HighJump product, demonstrably excellent retail pos software program, you will never have to worry about running out of a hot, if small, item. As each item is scanned out during the sale, at the point of sale, it can raise a red flag to order more of the poker chips, darts, etc, automatically. With this capability, you’ll never have to worry about remembering to reorder manually.

No matter what type of business you might have, billiards or otherwise, you can benefit from PROFITsystems’, a HighJump product, easy to use pos software.

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