What Makes POS and Inventory Management Software Great?

It is almost impossible to run a business without high quality POS and inventory management software these days, but what is it about a particular application that actually makes it “high quality”? There are a number of different approaches to designing these systems that prioritize one feature over another, but there are certain metrics by which greatness can be measured, and it’s important that the system you purchase reflects these benefits.

Initial Look at POS and Inventory Management Software

The first look at any given POS and inventory management software package should include an evaluation of how it handles the basic functions you expect it to. If it cannot deal with even the most fundamental tasks that you need, it is entirely useless, despite any additional features it might incorporate.

For example, can the retail POS software that you’re looking at efficiently handle entering new information? Does it have multiple screens just to complete a sale, or is all information available on a single one? Is it able to support manufacturer SKUs, or will it require extensive programming on your part? Can you add things like warranties to the same ticket as the product itself, or does it require a separate transaction for non-tangible items?

Similarly, is your inventory processor capable of managing your warehouse? Do you need warehouse software, and if not, can you use this to examine sales trends and make informed decisions on what to stock? Does your information come in real time, or do you have to wait for a report to be generated at the end of the day? Does it have the security you need to keep your data safe?

Additional Features

While these are just basic functions, often the difference between competing systems comes in additional features that make it even easier to store and sell your items.

For example, truly great retail POS systems can easily gather and store marketing information so that you can adjust your sales approach accordingly. It can track sales histories of repeat customers and suggest ways to keep them coming back. In fact, it can even automatically recommend items that may complement a particular buying history.

Similarly, a great inventory software solution can break down best and worst sellers, present data in a variety of ways, and be set to auto-markdown poor selling inventory if necessary.

Retailvantage from PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, does all of this and more. It even incorporates regular updates so that its functionality is always evolving to meet the changing needs of our customers. If you’re looking for a great long term solution for POS and inventory management software, our product is the one for you.

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