A Point of Sale Software System That Improves Your Bottom Line

If you own a retail system that requires inventory management, you need a point of sale software system that actually helps improve your bottom line instead of just tracking bottom line inventory numbers. Having an effective point of sale system is critical to the operation of many retail businesses.

Unfortunately, many retail POS systems don’t have the necessary power or flexibility to meet the needs of modern retailers. Particularly in the home goods and furnishings industry, standard retail POS software does not always accommodate the complex analysis needed to improve inventory turnover, sales, and your bottom line.

With PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, you get inventory and point of sale tools that help you improve your bottom line. With PROFITsystems point of sale software system, you’ll find your ability to interface with both your sales staff and your inventory numbers is vastly improved.

More Than Just Base Inventory Numbers

When you own a home goods or furniture store – or any retail store – most point of sale systems will give you an “items remaining in stock” quantity. However, this number is often not an accurate picture of sales. If a particular item took years to sell, a low inventory number is not a valid indicator for the successful sales rate of that item. Similarly, different finishes or colors may sell better than others.

Instead of looking at bottom line or on shelf numbers, you need a point of sale system that shows you sales rates over time. With PROFITsystems you can see a breakdown of sales, sales rates, and even what finishes or colors sold best.

You can further break down sales metrics by department or sales person, so you can staff your store appropriately. Why keep someone who is excellent with living room furniture in accessories? Instead, look at sales metrics to accurately place your best sales people in areas of need or in areas in which they excel. You can even use our point of sale metrics to reward high performing employees.

Easy Integration With Our Point of Sale Software System

With easy installation and integration of PROFITsystems software, you can upgrade and use our powerful software suite quickly and easily. Built-in accounting tools sync with your existing systems and can be customized to meet your needs. With over thirty five years of industry experience, PROFITsystems already integrates the barcoding and sorting features you need in the retail setting. Whether you are starting out and need to expand, or want to overhaul your point of sale software system for a large existing business, PROFITsystems has the tools you need.

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