Software For Inventory Management That Improves Your Bottom Line

If you run a furnishings or home goods store, you need good software for inventory management that improves your ability to track and manage your inventory and sales metrics. Regular retail POS systems do not always work for the home goods market, providing over-simplified images of inventory items, sales rates, and inaccurate accounting of the performance by sales employees.

PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, is specifically designed to suit the needs of the retail furniture and home goods market. With over 30 years of experience in this area, PROFITsystems brings you powerful inventory management tools, powerful inventory tracking tools, and the ability to use real-time sales data to make inventory and employee placement decisions for your company. With modular design and customized software suites, we know that we can provide the perfect solution for your point of sales issues, all while staying within your budget and meeting your performance needs. PROFITsystems is not just software for inventory management – it is a powerful tool that can help you make the most out of every sales day in your store.

Reward Excellent Employee Performance And Maximize Your Employee Resources

PROFITsystems provides several inventory features that can view store sales over time, sales in a given period of time, and sales by finish and style. This allows you to see a clear picture of how your inventory is moving within your store. With employee tracking information, you can also see who is making sales in a given area or department and then maximize your employee efficiency. Move your sales people to their areas of strength to help develop stronger sales in a given department. Use your all-around best sales people to help shore up flagging sales in one section of the store. Provide incentives to the best sales employees to keep everyone working at their best. With PROFITsystems, the details of your store’s daily business are no longer left to estimation and mystery, as you make decisions based on real data with our software for inventory management.

Installation And Set-Up That Fits Your Needs

Instead of a one-size retail POS software solution, PROFITsystems tailors your software to your needs. Our consultants work with you to determine what you need to improve in your inventory management and work with you to get there. From cloud-based solutions that are easy on the budget to employee training that can help troubleshoot your startup and shift to a new system, we offer the solutions you need to get the software for inventory management that you want.

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