Retail Software Systems That Work for Retail Furniture and Home Goods

Not all point of sale software systems are created equal, and the special needs of retail software systems for furniture and home goods stores make choosing a system difficult. For retailers selling home goods, the average point of sale system may not be enough when you have so many options in your inventory, complex scheduling and delivery needs, and a drive to keep your retail floor working at optimal levels for both your customers and your profit margins.

Retail software systems from PROFITsystems, a HighJump Product, can help you build the retail system that you need to keep your business working and growing. With retail POS systems from PROFITsystems, you gain tremendous power over data and sales trends, seamless integration with your inventory processes, and a point of sale system that keeps both employees and customers happy.

Integrate the Front Desk and Warehouse with Inventory Management Tools

PROFITsystems integrates your warehouse and your sales floor with little set up and effort. Our barcoding system with RETAILvantage integrates seamlessly into your point of sale software and provides you with easy to use, easy to track barcoding that makes your inventory an asset rather than a profit risk. Standard, easy-set-up barcoding lets you keep track of your entire warehouse, minimizing inventory errors and lost or stolen inventory.

Integrated with our powerful retail POS software, you can see each inventory cycle to determine what your best sellers are by season, finish, or over a set period of time. Don’t let the base numbers determine your inventory needs when a more accurate sales breakdown can tell you what is really selling well – and which items are just languishing and taking up shelf space. Reducing labor costs and lost items in your inventory can only translate to better sales and better profits for your business.

Retail Software Systems that Maximize Efficiency

No one has time to enter data multiple times or to manually look up prior sales or customer information – and yet, that is what some retail point of sale software requires. In the furniture and home goods industries, loss of efficiency really can mean the loss of a sale. With PROFITsystems, single point data entry makes sales efficient and easy, pleasing your employees, and lessening the time that customers wait for order processing.

Change delivery dates easily and quickly, update or edit orders, and do it all while your customer waits, without hassle or a long down time. PROFITsystems makes point of sale order completion and data entry easy and fast to keep your customers happy and satisfied. For the best retail software systems, look to PROFITsystems today.

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