Retail Software Solutions for Your Toughest Business Analysis Problems

Retail software solutions can help your business grow. Every retail store owner knows the difficulty of trying to determine what inventory items will sell and which won’t. For the furniture or home goods dealer, however, that process can be even more complicated. Regional differences, seasonal trends, and ever-changing popularity in styles all can affect sales.

Retail POS systems can help you sort through the morass of inventory items and help you determine which ones are your best sellers. PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, can help you settle all of your inventory and sales analysis questions by providing you with powerful and versatile data. With our retail software solutions, you can make your bottom line even better.

Retail Software Solutions That Resolve Your Inventory Questions

With PROFITsystems, you gain a retail POS software system that provides you with data analysis tools that you need. Standard point of sale systems often offer analysis of inventory by simply telling you how many remaining items you have in stock. Others will let you set dates for re-ordering based on current numbers. Few systems, however, allow you to analyze your inventory data with as much power as PROFITsystems point of sale software.

With our software, you can pull current inventory numbers and analyze past data trends. See how well particular items sell over time – and even which of your sales representatives sells the most. Just because there are few in-stock items left doesn’t mean that an item is popular, particularly if it took years to sell a few.

With PROFITsystems you can see how fast items are selling, down to the unit. You can even analyze important trends such as which finishes and fabrics are best sellers and which remain unpopular in your area. Save warehousing space by ordering only the items that sell and reduce lost space, lost storage capacity, and lost profit by bringing in your best sellers instead.

Easy to Use and Efficient

PROFITsystems software is easy to use, letting you keep manufacturer product codes, and providing a clear and simple interface that all of your sales employees can learn quickly and easily. Eliminate hours of training time with our software. Less time to enter data – and more accurate data entry – keeps your personnel on the sales floor and your customers happy.

Easy, accurate data entry lets orders be tracked simply and entered without hassle to increase customer satisfaction. Even order alterations can be updated to accommodate changed delivery times or order updates, all on one slip with clear records. Help your bottom line, manage your employees and inventory, and increase customer satisfaction with PROFITsystems retail software solutions.

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