Retail Software: POS Solutions

Anyone that has ever worked with retail software, POS systems, or any kind of business consulting can tell you that the best way to manage a company is to make sure that you are informed about the company. This can be everything from knowing when your inventory is low, when your shipping is running, and even to the point of knowing when your cashier at a store sells one of your products and checks it out of the warehouse management system. This kind of system does not just fall out of a tree, however – it needs to be designed with the end goal in mind, and from a standpoint of industry experience.

Retail Software, POS Systems, and You

If you’re still running a paper and pencil invoicing system, then PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, has some surprises for you. To begin with, moving from paper invoicing to any of our retail POS systems will not only completely revolutionize your company processes, but also your profits. What retail POS software does is let you have a minute-to-minute tracking of your company’s assets, which products are being sold, and which are languishing in your warehouse. Furthermore, by interfacing with your warehouse locations, you can literally track a product down to the exact location it came into, or out of, at a moment’s notice.

What is a Point of Sale System For?

The ideas of retail software, POS systems, and warehouse inventory programs, are central to the smooth running of any business. The overall concept is that when a specific product is brought in to your warehouse, it is given a unique code. That code lets you track it from the warehouse to your shipping lines, and from there to your store. Once it’s sold, the code is processed from the system and marked as having left your inventory. In this way, you can instantly access how much product you have, what is being sold on a day-to-day basis, and make better business decisions based on having accurate, real-time data.

How Can We Help You?

PROFITsystems can act as both your data storage and retrieval method, or even your software consulting solution. Because we have years of experience in the furniture industry, as well as in the retail software, POS, and warehouse program industry, we can use our expertise to make your company run more smoothly.

No matter which part of the furniture industry you operate in, the size of your business, or your technological knowledge, we can provide the right retail software, POS programs, and warehouse tools for you.

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