Retail Point of Sale Systems that Actually Improve Your Bottom Line

While most retail point of sale systems will let you process orders and track the number of items in stock, not all retail POS systems deliver on making your business more efficient and your inventory and warehousing more profitable. Simple data collection, inventory count, and sale processing simply are not enough in today’s competitive economy.

You need to know how your items are performing on the sales floor, how your staff is performing, and how you can improve customer satisfaction and order fulfillment. With PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, you get the ability to do all of this, with a software suite that is tailored to home goods and furniture industry needs and standards.

Track Your Inventory Trends and Save on Warehousing and Ordering

Sure, you know when your inventory needs to be re-ordered or how many pieces you have in stock, but that information is hardly enough to run your retail front properly. With PROFITsystemsretail point of sale software, all of that changes. Each item or category in your inventory can be viewed to track sales over time, down to specific units sold on specific days.

Take the guess work out of inventory ordering and stop wondering if oak sells better than mahogany or if you need different fabric options for those pub table style chairs. You can instantly view and track sales of individual units over time, letting you eliminate poor sellers and devote that inventory space to items your customers are actually buying.

You can even look at trends during different times of the year, letting you know what your holiday and sales best-sellers are so you can plan accordingly. Simple “in stock” numbers are no longer enough; you need retail POS software that lets you thoroughly analyze your stock.

See Your Best Employees With the Right Retail Point of Sale System

While all of your employees are valuable, some are better salespeople than others, or have a specialty in a given area. You wouldn’t ask a gymnast to perform on the football field, so why ask a salesperson who is adept at selling lighting to go cover in the kitchen department?

With PROFITsystems, you get the ability to see how your salespeople are performing in categories and over time. Use our tracking software to see what sales are completed, whether an employee needs to be moved to a different sales area, or whether you missed recognizing one of your top sellers because your data wasn’t being monitored. With PROFITsystems you can implement employee recognition and rewards, and maximize the talent pool of your sales staff with just a few clicks and some data analysis. For a retail point of sale system that lets you make your entire store efficient, look to PROFITsystems today.

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