Retail Point of Sale Systems Can Maximize Your Growth Potential

When considering retail point of sale systems, there are several factors that should be considered before making a choice. Your business needs must be met by your new software. For furniture and home goods retailers, this means that your point of sale system may need the kind of versatility that a standard retail store may not require.

The sheer number of options in home goods, manufacturer special coding, and the often mutable nature of furniture sales means that your retail POS systems must have versatility and power to aggregate numerous pieces of data simply and easily, while still providing accuracy and ease of use. With PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, you can gain the necessary tools to implement retail point of sale systems in your retail store today.

Easy Transference of Data

Whether you are an established chain or a small business, you know that transferring product codes and information from a manufacturer’s catalog into your own system can be a nightmarish hassle. Ordering and tracking are simplified when you can keep to manufacturer codes, but then your own inventory counts can suffer.

Retail POS software with PROFITsystems allows you to perform simple integration of manufacturer codes with your inventory process. You can keep the simplicity of ordering with your manufacturer’s labeling system, and maintain the accuracy and organization of your own inventory, all while avoiding data transfer errors.

PROFITsystems also provides easy data transfer for in-process and prior customer orders. Alterations, changes, shipping and delivery updates, and notes can all be added to orders easily and without having to enter data numerous times. Prevent costly and confusing clerical errors from multiple data points by simply altering prior slips and viewing a full record of prior alterations for each customer and order. PROFITsystems is software that understands the need for flexibility and versatility in data entry for retail stores.

Employee Tracking in Retail Point of Sale Systems

You want to maximize employee potential as much as you want to maximize sales. With PROFITsystems you can track which employees do better in which sales categories, letting you shift employees to areas of sales strengths. Don’t put your most knowledgeable and capable lighting guy in charge of bedroom furniture – let PROFITsystems tell you which employees are turning in sales throughout your store.

Reward your top sellers with incentives and maximize profits further by using your sales team to its best advantage. You can even track employee sales over time, as well as category, letting you see when your busiest seasons are, when your highest profits are, and when you should be focusing on increasing productivity and sales. With PROFITsystems, there is no need to look at other retail point of sale systems; we do it all!

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