Retail Management Systems That Help Improve Your Efficiency

Do you need a powerful software suite that provides not only point of sale but retail management systems that can improve your bottom line? PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, can help you manage not only point of sale operations, but also inventory tracking and employee sales success.

In retail, it’s important that your software work for you – not slow you down. Programs that offer only in-stock numbers, marginal tracking of sales, and clunky interfaces all make your retail operation less efficient and less productive. Instead, you need a product that lets you keep track of all the moving parts of your furniture or home goods retail operation, while letting you see the bigger picture over time.

Retail Management Systems Can Help You Track Employee Productivity

Paper sales slips with illegible names or computer systems that only track who entered a sale can only go so far. If you want to grow your retail operation, you need to know which of your employees is adept at sales, and in which departments. With PROFITsystems retail POS systems you can not only view sales trends over time, but which employees are successful in which sections of the store. If your best living room sales person is stationed in accessories, you can adjust your personnel disbursement accordingly.

With PROFITsystems you can see the sales records of employees over time, letting you move employees to the appropriate departments, reward successful sales, and keep employee performance high. This larger picture sales view allows you to maximize your retail efficiency without having to guess at your employees’ sales ratings and abilities. Retail management systems like PROFITsystems give you maximum versatility in your retail store.

Get Inventory Sales Ratings That Give You Actual Data

Instead of just seeing what’s in stock in your warehouse, get the full picture of your inventory over time instead of just the current numbers of warehouse items. With PROFITsystems as your retail POS software, you can see the sales record of every item and category item in your store over time. Instead of relying on empty shelves to tell you when an item is selling, you can analyze the sales trends of an item or category.

Check to see if specific times of the year favor certain items or departments and see what item specifications your customers favor. Eliminate inventory items that aren’t selling, finishes that are less popular, and save those warehouse spaces for items that sell well and are popular. Static inventory counts do not provide enough information on which to base buying decisions; you need data from retail management systems that tells you what items are actually improving your bottom line. Turn to PROFITsystems today.

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