Retail Inventory Management System Benefits

If you’re not using a retail inventory management system, then you are making your life, and your company, significantly harder to manage. PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, is one of the best options for point-of-sale systems that can make your business run more smoothly. By choosing our retail pos systems, you will be joining the rest of the industry who have been able to use our programs in their efforts to gain a competitive edge.

Furthermore, because our retail pos software is entirely customizable, you can choose the exact parts of the products and services that best meet your needs. Let our software help you get your warehouses, stores, and shipping all moving in the right direction.

What is a Retail Inventory Management System and How Can it Benefit You?

The goal of a retail inventory management system is to give you as much data and information as you need in order to manage your business. Consider the drawbacks of trying to run a company, especially a retail one, without that kind of information. This type of program lets you combine all of your business elements into one centralized database, so you can see which products are moving, which ones are being shipped, and which ones are stagnating. In fact, the entire idea of a point-of-sale system is that at each “point” of sale where one of your furniture pieces is sold, the computer is automatically updated to reflect your new stock levels and inventory.

With this kind of system, you can keep significantly better track of how your company is doing. Take, for example, the idea of shrinkage. In any retail company, the concept of shrinkage is where the inventory recorded does not match the inventory physically cataloged. This is easy to identify when all of your products are coded from the moment you get them.

While in most retail stores, shrinkage results from theft, in the furniture industry such matters are usually caused by lost or damaged inventory. One easy way to reduce shrinkage is to maintain a constant, central database of your inventory through PROFITsystems.

Put Your Trust in the Industry Experts

We understand the retail industry, and more specifically, we understand the furniture industry. Through the use of our system, our experts can help you make your company more streamlined, more efficient, and more profitable. You will be able to make better business decisions based on the real time data of stock and inventory. With better business decisions, you will be able to move your products better and serve your customers better and more efficiently – all of which will help you to make more money and grow as a company.

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