Regain Retail Inventory Control With The Right POS Software

Every store owner knows the woes of retail inventory control. Trying to predict what customers may want to buy plus trying to figure out what finishes and fabrics work best in your area’s home goods market can be a nightmare. Additionally, customer returns, order changes, an ever-shifting market that changes by the season, and a need to keep stock under control for your bottom line can make managing inventory in the home goods market one of the most difficult retail management experiences you may face. The right retail POS software can help alleviate these complications; however, many software suites are simply not built for the furnishings or home goods markets and do not give you the flexibility to see what is really going on in your store. With PROFITsystems software, a HighJump product, you can gain access to flexible software featuring powerful point of sale and inventory tracking tools, all customizable to your needs and your software budget. With PROFITsystems software solutions you get retail inventory control that actually works for the home goods and furnishings market.

Integrate Inventory Management And Employee Productivity

With the ability to breakdown sales by employee – and even by the type of sale made – you can maximize the efficiency of your sales team and boost inventory turnover in your store. PROFITsystems knows, with over 30 years of experience in the home goods market, that your store is only as good as its sales staff. Your sales staff needs to be rewarded and encouraged in their sales metrics to keep your bottom line growing. With PROFITsystems software, sort sales by employee, see what sections of the store your employees excel in, and distribute your sales staff accordingly. If you have a rock star sales person in bedrooms, do not make them spend all their time consulting with clients on accessories. PROFITsystems software even gives you detailed inventory breakdowns so you can know how many items are sold, how fast they are selling, and what styles and finishes are most popular in your area. Unlike many retail POS systems, we give you data beyond the “number left on shelf” and let you take full retail inventory control of the flexibility and sales power of your store.

Customize Our Software To Your Needs

Instead of trying to close down to train employees or halting everything for a software install, let PROFITsystems consultants help you make software choices that work for your business. From cloud- based remote software options to powerful direct server access, we offer a range of solutions, training options, and software options to custom fit your needs. For retail inventory control solutions that work, contact PROFITsystems today.

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