Retail Inventory Control Software: Tracking and Managing Efficiently

Retail inventory control software can help you track and locate furniture items easily and efficiently. Inventory tracking software integrates into your existing systems and helps you to perform a number of duties, including sales, ordering and tracking, inventory management and more.

PROFITsystems, a HighJump company, offers you an inventory tracking software that features more tools and reports for analyzing your business than any other industry-specific software on the market today. It is an intuitive, accurate and streamlined approach to inventory optimization and increased profitability. It provides sophisticated analysis that helps you to reduce inventory, always have in stock the items you want, and understand exactly where you stand with real-time data reports.

Real-Time Data Retail Inventory Control Software

PROFITsystems offers you the leading retail management system available for furniture retailers. Whether you are a small or large company with one main store or a network of stores, our software gives you all the tools you need to improve your efficiency and profitability. Our retail POS software features include inventory management, accounting, sales analysis and more.

Retail inventory control software is important when you have a large location with high-dollar items. Our software allows the metrics to be broken down at SKU, vendor and category levels. We also offer a single entry system that updates all reporting in real time. You can analyze distinct sales trends for better purchasing accuracy.

Your KPIs and other important data are all real-time and immediately available when you need it. Our single entry system updates all reporting in real time. There are also a variety of reports that you can pull up for immediate analysis, including best and worst sellers report, gross margin, and GMROI reporting. Metrics are broken down at SKU, vendor and category levels; you can also analyze at the item, category and manufacturer level.

It is one of the most powerful and flexible retail POS systems available on the market today. It is highly configurable and flexible to fit your every need. It is compatible with the Microsoft Office suite of applications and available for use with multiple devices and operating systems. It can be installed on premises or in the cloud, depending on what is best for your business, and is a complete software solution for your business, with real-time reporting and analysis of sales, inventory, shipping and receiving, and more.

Our software offers sophisticated analysis with an intuitive, accurate and streamlined approach to inventory optimization. It helps you to reduce inventory through automatic price reduction of poor selling inventory. This ensures you have more room on the sales floor for your best-sellers. It also means you will never run out of a fast-selling item with dynamic purchasing recommendations. Your KPIs and other vital data are all real-time and immediately available when you need it. When you need a quality, comprehensive retail inventory control software, then consider PROFITsystems.

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