Retail Cloud Solutions That You Can Actually Afford

Going with retail cloud solutions may be the approach you need to improve your retail computing options, but how do you go about choosing a service? The “cloud” is an off-site storage and computing strategy for businesses that need dedicated servers, storage space, and computing power, but may not want to house those pieces internally. Perhaps you simply don’t have the space or equipment to house your own servers or data storage, or perhaps you are concerned about using employees to maintain that infrastructure.

Cloud networking solutions offer a perfect solution for both of these realities, and create an excellent computing environment for smaller or growing businesses that can’t afford a full in-house IT department. Finding the right cloud solutions, however, is difficult. PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, has the perfect solution with RETAILvantage: affordable, accessible retail cloud solutions.

What Should You Look for in Retail Cloud Solutions?

Without your own dedicated IT staff, it may be hard to know what you should look for in cloud solutions. Retail POS systems may be more in your realm of knowledge, but what sort of computing power do you need to back them?

One thing to consider is reliability and updates. With RETAILvantage systems you get 99.9% up time – meaning that our servers are reliable and don’t have significant down time to impede your processing and access. We function on the latest software and updates, both for data storage and use, and for security. With us, your data can be reached all the time – and can be reached only by you. Our constant surveillance and security levels keep our systems secure from identity theft, hackers, and disruptions of service that can slow down business in your stores or even risk customer security.

Support and Technical Assistance that Remain Unparalleled

While training your staff on retail POS software may be within your grasp, what do you do if there’s a problem accessing the cloud for information? With RETAILvantage cloud services, you get uncompromising support and assistance from our technical professionals. From implementation specialists to installation help, straight through to staff training and hardware and software support, our technicians stand by to answer your questions and help demystify the process of new software installation and use.

Don’t waste your time guessing how you’re supposed to back up inventory or access your systems; let our professionals guide you so that the entire transition and use process is easier and less stressful for you, your employees, and – ultimately – your customers. With RETAILvantage from PROFITsystems, you get the best retail cloud solutions available.

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