Increase Customer Satisfaction With POS Retail Systems

POS retail systems can help increase customer satisfaction while making sales and inventory tracking simpler than ever before. Good retail POS systems can help maximize your bottom line while increasing your customers’ satisfaction. Retail furniture and home goods stores have a particular challenge in keeping customer satisfaction high, especially with ever-changing orders and sales metrics that are bound to regional and seasonal sales.

Order completion can become even more difficult when customers are placing orders around deadlines determined by home completion, remodeling time lines, and changing room styles. PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, is one of the POS retail systems that can help you organize and streamline your sales process to keep your customer satisfaction high and your inventory line profitable.

POS Retail Systems That Offer Powerful Versatility

PROFITsystems offers a powerful and versatile tool for tracking customer sales. An easy to use interface lets your sales staff enter orders easily for furniture or other home goods. Sales records can be brought up quickly with a few clicks and sorted by customer name or other record indicator. Sales slips can be altered or added to without filing several complicated slips, and without creating a complicated list of files.

This simple system keeps your sales and delivery staff apprised of every change in order, even if your customer’s purchase delivery is delayed by building or remodeling delays. POS retail software can keep multiple sale slips and sales alterations easy to follow and understand, ensuring that your customers receive the service and answers they desire.

Improve Your Bottom Line and Employee Performance

PROFITsystems also allows you to improve and increase your sales profitability. Versatile data analysis allows you to pull inventory data over time, looking at down to the unit analysis to determine what inventory items sell and don’t sell. You can’t assume that an inventory item is selling well just because it has reached a zero count. Classic point of sale or paper systems don’t allow you to analyze data over time for how quickly or slowly items are selling, or what features of a given piece are most popular.

PROFITsystems, however, does allow you to analyze inventory data to this level. You can save valuable warehouse shelf space for items that move well instead of units that gather dust. If mahogany sells better than oak in your area, you’ll know it quickly with our powerful data analysis tools.

Better yet, PROFITsystems software allows you to see which employees’ sales are performing better than others. Place your employees into sales situations where they excel and reward high performing workers with incentives, all by analyzing sales data through your point of sale system. For POS retail systems that really work, look to PROFITsystems today.

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