Easy to Use POS Retail Software for Your Business

The challenge of finding the right POS retail software is not lost on the average business owner. You need retail POS systems that help your business grow, that integrate with your existing computer programs, that have versatility and power, and that your employees can easily use with minimal training. That is not a small order by any means!

Further, because retail POS software is so important to efficient management of sales and customer satisfaction, you cannot afford to make the wrong choice in your point of sale software. Doing so will cost you time and money as you implement yet another new system and you lose hundreds of data entry hours spent on the old system. Instead of worrying if you have chosen the right POS retail software, trust PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, to help resolve your point of sale system decision nightmare.

Ease of Use and Consistent Operation

One of the main benefits of PROFITsystems software is its ease of use. Your employees can quickly and easily learn how to use the system to check inventory, enter customer data, alter sales, or complete sales transactions. PROFITsystems can be used on your existing computer network, and your employees will be able to securely and easily access the point of sale system right away. Intuitive controls and applications allow sales to be completed in record time, reducing employee frustration and turnover and improving customer satisfaction.

Even if your orders need to be altered or updated at a later date, PROFITsystems retains its ease of use. Customers shopping for furniture and home goods are always altering orders based on build dates, extended refurbishment and remodeling deadlines, and other hassles. Just a few clicks can alter a current sales slip and show your sales staff prior alterations and order history. Your staff will appreciate being in the know just as much as your customers appreciate your accuracy and timeliness.

POS Retail Software that Lets You Manage Your Inventory

Don’t rely on number crunching or flat and static numbers to manage your inventory. You may have two dining tables left in stock, but how long have they been in the warehouse? Let PROFITsystems aggregate your data and tell you what your best sellers are, what stock has been sitting for eons, and what popular options your customers want.

Just because something is out of stock doesn’t mean you need six containers full ASAP – and just because you have fifty of a particular unit doesn’t mean that it’s popular. PROFITsystems provides by the unit sales information so you can see what is really selling. Get the most powerful and accurate POS retail software possible with PROFITsystems.

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