POS Inventory Software and Logistics

Imagine a life without pos inventory software. As the owner of an office supply store, this literally means checking every box of pens, every night, to verify your stock and your ordering status, not to mention every case of paper, every pad, every piece of electronic office supplies, and so on.

Without retail POS systems, it would be a nightmare. Instead, having retail POS software means that outside of a once-yearly inventory audit, you can rest assured that your computer systems are tracking every piece of data, product, and information you possess in your store.

The benefits of POS inventory software

The entire purpose of point of sale software is to allow you to track what products are being sold at your store, and in what frequency. An immediate benefit that this provides is the ability to look over large swaths of data to make buying and advertisement decisions.

While the idea of stocking up on school supplies would be obvious in the weeks leading up to a new school year, the specifics about which brand of pens to buy may not be so clear cut. With data tracking from prior years, you can examine which brand of pens sold more readily and at what price points – all so that you can manage your stock to the best extent for your company.

Another benefit of point of service inventory software is the ability to accurately track shrinkage. In the retail world, “shrinkage” is the term used to describe the process of a store’s actual inventory shrinking from its inventory numbers on paper. While this can occur due to simple human error, such as a piece of stock being misplaced or mislabeled, it can also occur due to theft. While no company wants to believe that their stock is being stolen by an employee, it is often a large factor, along with normal theft by outside sources. With the ability to track how often theft occurs, and with what stock, you can be all that much closer to understanding what is occurring in your business.

Finally, POS inventory software helps manage a variety of TMS issues. TMS, or “Transportation Management Systems,” deals with the actual shipping and receiving departments of your company. For example, TMS elements deal with when stock is picked up and dropped off at warehouses, sales floors, and so on.

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