Efficient and Integrative Point of Sales Software

What type of point of sales software solutions do you wish you had? Do you want a system that ties every aspect of your company together for a centralized analysis of your business? As a retail establishment, you want to ensure your inventory is accurate, your orders are processed on time and your sales go smoothly. Plus, you want to be able to budget, predict and analyze what your company is doing daily, weekly and monthly.

PROFITsystems Backgound

PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, offers you versatility, efficiency and more. It has grown from a need for software solutions, and is the first industry-specific software for furniture retailers. We have over 35 years of home goods retail knowledge to bring you the number one in retail POS systems designed for the retail industry.

In March 1897, Frank Stark started it all by opening a family furniture business. It thrived for many decades and evolved with the changing of technology. In the 1960s, Ed and Larry Stark created their own automated system on one of IBM’s first computers, and PROFITsystems was born. By the 1970s, their business was fully automated, and they were helping other stores increase profits with their unique software package.

Benefits of Point of Sales Software

PROFITsystems is one of the most powerful and flexible point of sales software available on the market today. It is highly configurable and flexible to fit your every need. It implements the proven system of success based on the 5 SMART Steps. It is compatible with the Microsoft Office suite of applications and available for use with multiple devices and operating systems.

It can even be installed on premises or in the cloud, depending on what is best for your business. It is a complete software solution for your business, with real time reporting and analysis of sales, inventory, shipping and receiving, and more. Our software offers robust security levels to protect your business. Plus, you receive superior support from our software and system experts.

How do you want your company to run? Do you want it to be more efficient and profitable? You need a versatile retail POS software that will work for you and provide an intimate analysis of your company’s progress and success. You need a POS system that is powerful and flexible and gives you all the tools you need to improve your profitability and efficiency. PROFITsystems is a complete point of sales software solution for your business from sales to inventory, accounting and more.

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