Point of Sale Systems for Retail Store Use

Every retailer needs point of sale systems for retail store use. Whether you are a small company or a huge corporation with stores across the country, you can be sure our retail POS software offers the features and benefits you need and the flexibility and customization you desire to work with you to improve efficiency and profitability. PROFITsystems is a HighJump product that offers you versatility, efficiency and more.

Point of Sale Systems for Retail Store Designed by Experts

Our point of sale systems for retail store use was designed by experts with over 100 years of retail home goods experience and implements our exclusive 5 SMART Steps program, which is the key to maximizing your profitability and efficiency.

There are only three ways to increase net profit: increase sales, increase gross margin and reduce expenses. Our software has the reporting capabilities to help you do all three. If you can manage inventory by keeping your best sellers in stock and clear out poor sellers, then you can increase sales and margins and reduce expenses. Quality retail POS systems offer you the ability to track inventory real-time and quickly analyze your stock and sales for the best balance.

The first step in improving inventory management is by spotting your winners and losers. When you know which items are your best-sellers and poor-sellers, you can adjust your inventory to accommodate these findings.

Next, you will want to maintain your winners in stock. The better the seller, the faster you tend to run out of it. Our highly dynamic Purchase Advice Report is the only system that gives retailers reliable advice on what, how much, and when to order each best-selling item.

Then, you will want to auto-move your poor-selling inventory. The Auto Markdown Report tracks each item in accordance with pre-defined markdown schedules that you set up. The system alerts you when it’s to time mark an item down even further, you will be able to selectively move out your losers in a more timely manner.

You will then want to reward salespeople who have high gross margin sales. By aligning the interests of the salespeople with that of the store, you are able to maintain sales volume and increase your gross margins at the same time.

Finally, you want to get your previous customers to come back for another purchase. This costs far less than trying to attract new customers. Our software allows you to keep in touch with your existing customers and build a relationship with them.

Our software is the most widely used software system among retailers. Why not try it out for yourself? Contact us today to get started with our quality point of sale systems for retail store use that can be customized for your business needs.

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