Point of Sale: Furniture Store Friendly

Whether you own a large or small furniture store, you know the importance of using software for point of sale. Furniture is big and bulky. Generally, it has to be delivered, and you need software that will integrate your purchase orders, inventory management, customer database and more into a seamless system for real-time accurate information.

PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, offers you the last retail software you will ever need for your furniture stores. Our software integrates all aspects of your business into one seamless system that is designed with you in mind. You want to be able to maintain customer relationships and keep track of inventory without something falling through the cracks, and that is exactly what our software helps you to do.

About PROFITsystems Point of Sale Furniture Store Software

PROFITsystems offers you retail POS systems designed by furniture experts for furniture retailers. Our software is the leading cloud-based industry specific software. It is designed to help you with inventory management, point of sale, distribution management, accounting, business intelligence and customer relationship management. We also offer unmatched client support and continuing education, making us the first choice of many furniture retailers.

Additionally, we provide integration with other software and services to provide seamless solutions for your unique business needs. This integration can make life easier and your business run more efficiently. In short, PROFITsystems is your one stop retail POS software solution to inventory, customer and retail management.

We are more than just a software company. Since we started as retailers, we know what you need in the way of processes and metrics to make running your furniture business easier and more profitable. We have over 35 years of home goods retail knowledge, which is why we can bring you the number one point of sale system designed for the retail furniture industry. It is one of the most powerful and flexible point of sale systems available on the market today. It is highly configurable and flexible to fit your every need. It is compatible with the Microsoft Office suite of applications and available for use with multiple devices and operating systems.

We help our clients solve some of the most pressing business issues that they deal with through our inclusive point of sale system. Being able to create better processes and build efficiencies means you can do more for less money and in less time than previously. Our comprehensive approach eases the difficulties of business and ensures customer success with functional software, industry consulting expertise and value-added solutions. To put it simply, we offer the best point of sale furniture software on the market today.

More furniture retailers are highly satisfied and more profitable with our retail software than any other. When you need quality software designed with the retail furniture industry in mind, consider our POS software. It is the leading software for the furniture industry. It is time for you to make the move towards efficiency and profitability with PROFITsystems, an all-inclusive retail point of sale furniture software currently on the market. Contact us today!

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