The Right Point of Sale Systems: Retail Power at Your Fingertips

Using the right point of sale systems, retail operators know, can improve your customer and employee experience and help your business grow. The wrong system means data entry errors, useless data, clunky interfaces that cost your employees time, and increased customer irritation from misplaced or mismanaged orders.

Why put your business through that when PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, provides the perfect system for furniture retailers? With PROFITsystems you get the best point of sale systems, retail power to improve your home goods or furnishings business, and a trusted name in the home goods industry, all with one software purchase. PROFITsystems combines ease of use with versatility and data you can use, all to help your business grow.

Save Time and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Entering orders and delivery dates for home goods or furniture orders can be cumbersome and time consuming, leading to wasted employee hours and decreased customer satisfaction. PROFITsystems negates these problems by providing an easy to use system that lets your employees enter customer information with a few brief clicks. One data point entry ensures that clerical errors are minimized from multiple entry points, and your employees get to save time instead of re-entering information at repeated stations.

Customer history and orders can be quickly and easily retrieved for updating, cancellation, or delivery changes. Repeat customers’ sales slips can be reviewed to ensure optimal delivery speed and processing, and even to double check information. Not sure what finish a customer ordered last time, and if that new end table will match? PROFITsystems is retail POS software that will let you check before the order gets placed.

Reward Employees With Point of Sale Systems Retail Analysis Tools

Would you try to teach your cat to fetch or your dog to catch mice? Of course not! Then why would you put your best bedroom sales folks in the kitchen area, or leave that sales associate who is amazing with accessories languishing in the sofa section? With [Unknown A5] PROFITsystems, unlike some retail POS systems, you gain the ability to see what your employees are best at with information that you can use.

Track sales over time, sales in specific areas, and even break down data by the time of year or specific dates. You can assign your employees to the sales areas in which they excel, increasing their satisfaction and your profit, while customers benefit from their experience and expertise. Use sales metrics to reward your best employees and increase satisfaction and productivity overall. With PROFITsystems, there is no need to look to other point of sale systems; retail results are at your fingertips.

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