Point of Sale System: Retail Furniture Industry’s Dream Come True

You need an all-inclusive point of sale system. Retail is not easy when you cannot maintain and manage your inventory, orders, customers, accounts and more. You want real time information, accurate reports and the ability to monitor inventory levels as well as hot sellers to increase efficiency and profitability. PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, is your one stop solution to having a more successful business. Our retail POS software offers versatility, efficiency and more. It is the first industry specific software for furniture retailers. In March 1897, Frank Stark started it all by opening a family furniture business. It thrived for many decades and evolved with the changing of technology. In the 1960s, Ed and Larry Stark created their own automated system on one of IBM’s first computers, and PROFITsystems was born. By the 1970s, their business was fully automated and they were helping other stores increase profits with their unique software package. They developed the industry’s only Total Retail Success System that included business consulting, performance groups, education, and other services.

Point of Sale System: RETAILvantage

PROFITsystems‘ flagship product offers more than just a point of sale system. RETAILvantage provides the most comprehensive suite of software for inventory management, point of sale, distribution management, accounting, business analytics and customer relationship management. The software has evolved to include cloud-based data. It provides integration with other best of breed software and services that fit your needs, including bar coding, eCommerce and more. We offer a full range of functionality to make your business more efficient and successful. You get industry leading expertise backing you when you invest in and use our retail POS systems. We bring our experts to you and help you take your business to the next level. We come to your store and evaluate your business. We can help with sales training, eSolutions, operations and logistics and more. We bring together groups of motivated retailers who are tired of the current state of affairs in their company. Our groups meet regularly to share best practices and discuss the common goals and challenges they face. You can expect round-table discussions, advice from industry experts, case studies and tours focused on helping you become more profitable. You also get value added solutions such as continuing education for you and your team. There really is power in numbers! You need a versatile software that will work for you and provide an intimate analysis of your company’s progress and success. You need systems that are powerful and flexible and give you all the tools to improve your profitability and efficiency. PROFITsystems is a complete point of sale system. Retail software solutions for your business are available today!

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