The Best Point of Sale Software for Retail Furniture Stores

If you own a retail furniture or home goods store, you know the challenge of finding point of sale software for retail outlets in your line of goods. Clunky systems that require too much data entry, don’t track customer orders, or don’t give you a full picture of your inventory and warehousing needs lead to ordering delays and problems and unhappy customers. Add to this wasted time from employees having to struggle with your software system, and finding the right point of sale software for retail becomes even more important than ever.

With PROFITsystems, a Highjump Product, you can have access to some of the most powerful and versatile point of sale software available in the industry. Don’t go with a generic retail POS software that doesn’t suit your needs. PROFITsystems software is tailored to industry needs and is based on years of industry experience. It is designed to streamline your ordering and inventory and increase your customer satisfaction and bottom line.

Point of Sale Software for Retail that Lets You Track Sales Accurately

Any point of sale system can tell you how many units you have in stock or send a reminder when you need to re-order, but most point of sale systems don’t have the efficiency and power to track your sales down to the unit over any given time period. With PROFITsystems, you can not only see what is currently in stock and what needs to be ordered, but can also gain a full picture of an item’s value and profitability. See precisely how many are sold, how popular an item is, and how its sales have altered over time.

This to-the-unit analysis lets you order smarter and minimize wasted inventory and warehousing space while improving your on-hand numbers for popular stock items. Don’t spend all your warehouse space and money storing pieces that your customers don’t want, when PROFITsystems’ point of sale software can help you keep your most popular items in stock while eliminating unpopular items.

Complete Data Tracking from Start to Finish

PROFITsystems offers the versatility to enter customer data once and retain it without multiple instances of data entry. Save time and raise customer satisfaction by completing orders in a more timely and comprehensive manner. With our retail POS system, you enter information once, minimizing data entry errors, and can update, alter, and change sale information with just a few easy clicks. Discounts are easy to add or remove, and returns and alterations to the order can be easily processed, all on one slip. With PROFITsystems, you gain the power of several software programs in one interface. Don’t waste time with point of sale software for retail that doesn’t meet the demanding needs of the furniture and home industry; look to PROFITsystems instead.

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