Point of Sale: Retail Made Easy

Every retailer needs a point of sale retail system. Our retail POS systems are designed for the furniture industry. Whether you are a small furniture company or a huge corporation with stores across the country, you can be sure our retail POS software offers the features and benefits you need, and the flexibility and customization you desire, to work with you to improve efficiency and profitability.

PROFITsystems is a HighJump product that offers you versatility, efficiency and more. It has grown from a need for software solutions and is the first industry-specific point of sale retail software for furniture retailers.

In March 1897, Frank Stark started it all by opening a family furniture business. It thrived for many decades and evolved with the changing of technology. In the 1960s, Ed and Larry Stark created their own automated system on one of IBM’s first computers, and PROFITsystems was born. By the following decade, their business was fully automated and they were helping other stores increase profits with their unique software package.

The Stark brothers developed the industry’s only Total Retail Success System that included business consulting, performance groups, education, and other services. PROFITsystems‘ flagship product is RETAILvantage, the first choice of furniture retailers. It provides the most comprehensive suite of software for inventory management, point of sale, distribution management, accounting, business analytics and customer relationship management.

Benefits of RETAILvantage: The Only Point of Sale Retail System You Need

RETAILvantage is a unique point of sale system that offers inventory management and customer management. It is the number one choice of furniture retailers. It provides the most comprehensive suite of retail furniture software for point of sale, accounting, inventory management, distribution management, customer relationship management and business analytics in the industry.

It is both powerful and flexible, offering you all the tools and customization you need to efficiently and successfully run your business. It implements the proven system of success based on the 5 SMART Steps. It offers real-time reporting and analysis based on a variety of parameters, so you can see what is going on within your business at any given moment.

POS Systems Designed by Experts

RETAILvantage was designed by experts with more than 100 years of retail furniture experience, and implements our exclusive five SMART Steps program, which is the key to maximizing your profitability and efficiency. We even offer expert support and training on our software, as well as consultation for the initial set-up and customization of your new software.

Our software is the most widely used software system in the industry. Make your business run smoothly with RETAILvantage. Contact us today to learn more about the most sought after point of sale retail software in the industry.

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