Inventory Software Programs Designed For The Home Goods Business

Inventory software programs are a great solution for many companies to track their inventory, sales metrics, and employee performance. However, many of these programs are designed with either the large corporation or a less complex inventory roster in mind. The home goods industry faces the particular challenge in finding software that will be flexible enough to handle diverse inventory and sales needs, while still being user-friendly and suitable to a wide range of employee abilities and client needs. With PROFITsystems software solutions you get complete access to critical data for inventory management, all while still having a viable point of sale software system that helps your sales staff manage client orders with ease. PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, has over 30 years of experience in inventory software programs to help keep your retail operation running smoothly.

Manage Client Orders With Ease And Functionality

With client needs constantly changing in the home goods market, it is important to have retail POS software that can handle a flood of changing and modified orders. With changing renovation and moving deadlines, it is not uncommon for retail furniture clients to change orders, delivery dates, or any number of options. Retailers need a system that allows for these changes to be made quickly and accurately. With PROFITsystems, orders can be entered, modified, and changed with ease, updating all points in the system to avoid conflict and potential clerical errors. This easy to use point of sale system allows for better employee productivity, more accurate order placement, and more satisfied clients.

Inventory Software Programs With The Data You Need

PROFITsystems’ most prized features revolve around accurate inventory reporting and real time sales data that gives you an accurate picture of inventory movement through your store. From final number on the shelf, our retail POS systems expand data to include sales rates over time; break down rates for style, finish, or other item specifications; and even sales rates by employee, store section, or time of year. With these sortable metrics you can gain an accurate image of what your sales look like during the course of a year, what items sell best, and what styles you need to avoid in your market area. PROFITsystems’ tracking tools are the answer to predicting your inventory needs more accurately and to improving your bottom line. You can even sort by employee to reward the most productive sales people, move sales people to their area of strength, or figure out which of your employees may need more support. With PROFITsystems, you get inventory software programs that perform the tasks you need most.

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