Inventory Management Made Accurate And Easy

Home goods stores have a particular challenge when it comes to inventory management, particularly with numerous style and finish options for multiple pieces of inventory. With items based in sets, in given quantities, and coming from the manufacturer often with their own barcoding systems, trying to keep inventory under control can be a difficult task. Inventory management software can help decrease these struggles by providing an easy and automated way to keep track of inventory and sales metrics. The best of these systems also integrate with accounting software and point of sale systems to ensure accurate reporting and easy counting of what remains in stock within your warehouse versus your sales floor. Sadly, many retail POS software is not designed for use in home goods or furnishings stores, which have unique needs. PROFITsystems software, a HighJump product, is a point of sale software solution designed for and tailored to the needs of the home furnishings market. With accurate inventory tracking that allows for diverse sorting mechanisms, POS integration, accounting integration, and a user friendly customer interface, PROFITsystems remains one of the leading software suites for home goods point of sale use.

Flexible And Powerful Tracking Tools

What inhibits most point of sale software programs from being effective in a home goods setting is the method of inventory sorting and tracking. In the furnishings and décor market, having a single number that tells you the remaining number on shelf is not detailed enough information to tailor buying and sales promotions. For effective inventory management, you need to know how fast an item moved, which finishes sold best, and which fabrics are popular. Each area of the country and time of year may even have different markets and your software needs to be able to show you data so you can take this into account. With PROFITsystems software, your inventory numbers will display a quantity left in stock but go significantly further, allowing you to track by style and finish, see metrics on how quickly an item sold and whether one style is more popular than another, and even track sales via time of year or by sales associate. With this detailed breakdown, you can more accurately plan your purchasing needs in a calendar year, place sales associates where they will make the most impact, and know which finishes may or may not be successful in your market area.

Retail POS Systems Set Up To Your Specifications

With PROFITsystems software solutions, you control your inventory tracking and you control your software installation too. With cloud-based server options, you get fast and flexible installation with the option of a robust in-store server. We will even help install your program and train your employees for maximum efficiency within your new software suite. For the best inventory management, contact PROFITsystems today.

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