Furniture Software That Helps You Improve Your Bottom Line

Not all furniture software for furniture and home goods stores is created equal. If you are the owner of a retail home goods operation, then you know that you need specific tools to make your store or chain operate at peak performance. Not only do you need point of sale solutions, but you also require software than can help track employee sales, manage client information, and manage the bulk of a diverse and varied inventory with ease.

Enter PROFITsystems, a HighJump product. With PROFITsystems you get retail pos systems that help you accurately view real time, powerful data and reports so that you can make the smartest business choices possible. Instead of relying on out-of-date inventory and sales reports, and word-of-mouth reviews for your sales staff, let our furniture software help you grow your business.

Easy to Install and Easy to Use Retail POS Software

With PROFITsystems you get software that is ready to go quickly and easy to use with minimal employee prep and training. Our system integrates easily into your existing computer structure, and our consultants work with you to provide the options and features that you need. Target critical areas in your retail operation, and then expand your software needs as your business changes or grows.

With PROFITsystems you can install at site or use cloud solutions to make your activation simple and easy, and remove the burden of needing a tech staff. Our customer service representatives offer continual tech support and training, from installation onward. In short, wWith PROFITsystems, you get a fully comprehensive retail software package without the hassle of finding your way on your own.

Inventory Tools That Leave Traditional Furniture Software in the Dust

With most point of sale software, you get an “on the shelf” number and very little data analysis of your inventory levels. With PROFITsystems, however, your inventory analysis becomes powerful and useful to managing your valuable shelf and floor space, warehouse space, and employee resources. View inventory sales as trends rather than a bottom line number; know if that bedroom set has been in stock for years or is one of your best sellers, down to which finishes and options are popular.

Nor does it end with your inventory. Analyze staff sales records over time to reward profitable employees and offer incentives. Maximize your employees’ talent by putting sales associates where their strengths are in your showroom. Best of all, see comprehensive data over time so that you have information to help you tailor your business and growth plan. With PROFITsystems, your furniture software does a whole lot more than just tally stock.

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