What to Look For to Find the Best POS System for Retail

You need the best POS system for retail if you own a furniture or retail store that requires in-depth tracking of inventory to maximize your potential and your bottom line. In today’s competitive market it is vitally important that your entire warehouse and inventory process work for you, not against you. While most retail POS systems can track numbers of a given item in stock, not all of them provide the analytical tools you need to really maximize your selling power.

With PROFITsystems, a HighJump product, you can profit from this efficient point of sale software that allows you to analyze and maximize selling potential, all with a few simple clicks. Don’t rely on a retail POS software that requires you to crunch numbers and dates yourself; instead, trust a system that was designed for the furniture industry and can easily accommodate any furniture retailer’s special needs.

Versatile Tools in the Best POS System for Retail

Don’t complicate your point of sale system by having to rely on separate software suites or manual number crunching. PROFITsystems software comes with versatile, powerful tools to make your sales work easier and more profitable. Enter data once instead of numerous times, eliminating costly clerical errors. Work with manufacturer product codes to avoid data errors or ordering errors. Go back and edit prior orders for returns or shipping and delivery updates.

The key to PROFITsystems point of sale success in the retail setting is your ability to use your data in any way that you require without entering numerous slips of paper or having to repeat complicated tasks. A few simple clicks and minimal data entry by your sales people is all it takes. This versatility saves your employees time and your customers aggravation, and makes PROFITsystems the best POS system for retail.

Aggregate Data Quickly and Easily

Who has time to sit around and chart out sales numbers and fluctuations in inventory? Let PROFITsystems do the work for you. Not only can you see your in-stock items and set re-order points, but you can track sales of individual units over time. Find out which of your items really sells and which you need to ditch to save valuable warehouse and inventory space. Instantly see whether a certain finish, fabric, or style is more popular than another, so you can order accordingly and minimize lost profit and reduce the need for clearance sales.

With PROFITsystems, the work is taken out of inventory and sales analysis, so you can spend your time developing your business instead of graphing numbers. Go for the best POS system for retail by choosing PROFITsystems today.

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