Re-Buying and New Buying - Two Different Mindsets

When it comes to buying inventory, there are two different types of necessary purchase behaviors: “Re-buying” and “new buying”. If these two behaviors are coordinated together and executed effectively by retailers, the boost in overall profitability will be more than significant. Unfortunately, however, many operations are either buying new merchandise haphazardly, or they’re simply not re-buying efficiently; choosing the wrong quantity of the wrong merchandise at the wrong time.

In this white paper, industry expert David McMahon explains the fundamentals of rebuying and new buying, and teaches readers you how to:

  • Define the re-buying and new buying processes
  • Understand the employee characteristics necessary for each buying position
  • Identify the right people for the right jobs
  • Seamlessly coordinate these areas of stock purchasing to improve profitability
  • And more!

Improving these buying practices is a big opportunity. Set your business up for a much more profitable tomorrow and download this white paper today.

Re-Buying and New Buying White Paper Download
Re-Buying and New Buying: Two Different Mindsets White Paper

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