Is Your Pricing Strategy Killing Your Bottom Line?

Watch this webinar to learn how effective merchandisers price inventory right, and how they mark it down when it dies.

Struggling with how to price new merchandise? How do you protect your margins in this internet economy? Are your dogs eating away at cash flow and hurting your open to buy?

Download this complimentary webinar and learn:

  • What are successful pricing models for home furnishings retailers and why having one pays off
  • When should you re-price an item and the true cost of mark downs
  • Why storewide sales are margin killers and what’s a good alternative
  • How understanding GMROI can help you recognize your true winners
  • Whether you have the tools to quickly rank and act on your inventory winners and losers

Leave this webinar with action items you can implement right away to improve your pricing strategy, get the most out of your poor performers, and increase your gross margin.

Is Your Pricing Strategy Killing Your Bottom Line? Webinar

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