How peer interaction and benchmarking can accelerate your business

The most successful managers and business leaders are on a quest of never-ending, continual improvement. They seek knowledge, feedback, inspiration, and motivation.

In this webinar, David McMahon is joined by two veteran Accellos Performance Group members: Paul Sherman of Sherman’s and Brian Garrison of Garrison’s Home Furnishings. They discuss how actively participating in a performance group has helped their businesses, as well as the practices that group members use to act as a catalyst for their growth.

Watch the video recording now and:

  • Learn some powerful practices that performance group members use to act as a catalyst for their own growth
  • Discover how successful business leaders are leveraging peer-to-peer feedback to improve their business operations and maximize sales, profitability, and cash flow
  • See how goal setting, benchmarking, and peer interaction and accountability can accelerate your business
The Power of Performance Groups Webinar

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