Webinar: Managing Your Inventory for Increased Profitability

There are three key ways to increase your bottom-line profit: increase sales, increase gross margin, and reduce expenses. One area of your business has the potential to help or hurt your profitability in all three ways: your inventory.

The most profitable retailers place managing inventory at the center of their business. They understand that better inventory management can turn into a competitive advantage, improve cash flow, and increase profitability.

During this presentation your will learn how to:

  • Spot your winners and keep your best sellers in stock
  • Base reorder quantities on actual business intelligence
  • Become more nimble in reacting to sales trends
  • Gain greater control of your inventory and increase profitability

Leave this webinar with action items you can implement right away to streamline inventory control, keep better track of product and cash flow, reduce inventory investment, and make better purchasing decisions.

Managing Inventory for Increased Profitability Webinar

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