Webinar: Uncovering the Secrets in your Inventory

The benefits of gaining control of your inventory go beyond preventing your sales staff from selling something that isn’t in stock or ensuring your warehouse guys deliver the right product to your customers. There are many secrets hiding in your inventory that have the potential to make you more profitable… if you could just gather and access the right information.In this 60-minute webinar, two home furnishings retail experts will break down how to uncover critical information about how to:

  • Flow your inventory more profitably
  • Provide better customer service
  • Cut costs
  • Eliminate shrinkage
  • And so much more

Download this webinar now, and leave with actionable ideas on how to mine inventory data to improve the way you buy inventory, handle sales, manage your sales team, and, ultimately, put more money in your pocket.

Uncovering the Secrets in your Inventory Webinar

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