Best Practices in Retail

Want a leg up on your competition? In this webinar, expert David McMahon reveals what the most successful businesses are doing right in the areas of sales management, utilizing the Internet, advertising, inventory management, finances, and back-end operations.

Download this webinar and:

  • Discover how successful retailers manage their operations and customer relations
  • Hear proven techniques to increase customer satisfaction, repeat business, and sales
  • Explore ideas on how to maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns
  • Learn how becoming a GMROI expert can improve your profitability
  • See why KPI’s and financial reports are critical to your business

Through his involvement with PROFITconsulting and PROFITgroups, David has helped thousands of retailers improve their businesses. He has seen the best-of-the-best, the worst-of-the-worst, and everything in between.

Best Practices in Retail Webinar

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