Weinberger's Furniture Recommends PROFITsystems

Watch this video to hear firsthand why Weinberger's Furniture selected our system, RETAILvantage, as its retail management solution. Here's what they had to say on how it has helped them improve profitability and efficiency:

I use RETAILvantage all kinds of different ways every day. I've been there now for seven years, so I've seen a lot of changes just within that short amount of time. I think it continues to get easier and PROFITsystems really does listen to what retailers want when they make updates, which is really nice."

RETAILvantage is the all-in-one, integrated retail management system for home goods retailers. From point of sale to inventory control and accounting, our system provides every tool required to run your business for increased profitability and efficiency. 


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