WEBINAR: Is it time to fire your top salesperson?

We’ve seen it happen. The guy or gal who brings in the highest sales volume gets proclaimed King of Sales! But is he or she really your top sales person or are you wasting undue accolade on someone whose actual revenue per opportunity is low?

As an owner or sales manager, you want to have the right team in place. And it starts with measuring the right things. Like identifying the sales metrics that make sense to your bottom line, and giving every sales rep the opportunity to achieve success – success for your business.

Download this complimentary webinar and learn how to:

  • Measure the success of your sales team based on best-practice KPIs
  • Set the right goals and targets that support your business growth plan
  • Review results with your top sales people and keep them on track
  • Enforce the habits that support your plan with the right commission structure
  • Coach your sales reps to achieve high gross margins and understand revenue per opportunity
  • Finally enlist a tool to measure part time sales performance
  • Measure the risk of making the hard decision, if it’s the right one

Leave this webinar with some hard questions to ask yourself.  Learn key performance indicators to gauge team performance. Have a plan on how to identify opportunities for improvement and coach your sales reps.  Have a clear understanding of why data matters when it comes to managing one of the most important assets in your store.

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