Case Study: How Sylvan Furniture reached greater success with RETAILvantage

Sylvan Furniture needed a way to better manage their numbers, their inventory, and their unique customer accounts. They needed better reporting, more streamlined processes, and more support with their financials. The amount of unnecessary time they spent engaging in inefficient processes was enough to start eroding their profitability, and they needed an end-to-end, world class system to help them turn this ship around.

Read the case study now to learn how RETAILvantage surpassed expectations and helped Sylvan Furniture to…

  • Decrease on-hand inventory dollars while increasing margins
  • Improve operational efficiency by more than 67%
  • Save time and reduce costly errors that hurt profitability
  • Make more informed business decisions with auto-generated reporting
  • Bolster customer service and employee satisfaction with more accuracy across their DC
  • And more!

Sylvan Furniture Case Study Download
How Sylvan Furniture reached greater success with RETAILvantage Case Study

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