Case Study: Crown Furniture & Electronics

Boris Cybul, Owner of Crown Furniture & Electronics, was relatively new to the home furnishings industry when he was introduced to Key Performance Indicators (KPI) at Las Vegas Furniture Market. Realizing he needed better business intelligence and analysis tools to succeed in his new venture, he quickly ended his contract with his current software when he saw what PROFITsystems could offer.

Download this case study to learn how Boris has grown his business by leveraging key reports in RETAILvantage, invaluable advice from PROFITconsulting, and benchmarking and peer interaction through PROFITgroups.

“One of the benefits of using RETAILvantage is that I always know where I stand. Before I thought I was doing a great job, but now that I have this system I know for sure if I am or not. We also use PROFITconsulting frequently and it is well worth it! It helps us make full use of the software and pushes us to try a little harder and to achieve more.”

Boris Cybul

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Crown Furniture & Electronics Case Study Download
Crown Furniture & Electronics: A Case Study

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