How Bar Coding Saved A Furniture Retailer $83,436 A Year

Tom’s Furniture desire for bar coding was to eliminate the large number of NIL’s (not in location) that were occurring daily and to better combat a shrinkage problem. Missing merchandise that could never be found and wasted time searching for misplaced items were eroding overall profitability. The benefits surpassed their expectations.

Download this case study and see how implementing bar coding helped our client:

  • Gain efficiencies and eliminate manual steps in the receiving process
  • Improve customer service and employee satisfaction
  • Achieve better accuracy and faster inventory counts
  • Deliver timely problem resolution
  • Save time and reduce costly errors, significantly improving profitability

While the dollar savings results will vary depending on the size of the inventory, there is no doubt that every operation will save money when they implement bar coding to manage back-end processes. This case study will help you understand how bar coding can help you achieve more accurate receiving, cycle counts, and physical inventory in a fraction of the time.

Tom's Furniture & Bar Coding Case Study Download
How Bar Coding Saved a Furniture Retailer $83,436 a Year Case Study

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