It’s a fact: Most retailers don’t prepare to go to market because they simply don’t have the time.

The problem? You probably end up spending money you don’t have and buying product that won’t sell. You go back to the same vendors, categories, and items – but do you know how they measure up to your store norm?

This complimentary kit gives you all you need to prepare for a successful market, including dynamic spreadsheets, actionable checklists, and planning worksheets.

Get your copy today and learn how to:

  • Identify which vendors, categories, and items are performing above your store norm
  • Determine whether you have an open to buy and free up cash
  • Gain insights into trends and what your customers want
  • Have a clear plan on how to replace bad inventory
  • Budget your time at Market with a clear plan of attack

Your time away from the store is very valuable. Take the first step to buying smarter and planning a Market with no stress, a clear plan of attack, and focus on a strategy that will help you increase sales, gain higher gross margins, and reduce expenses.

Market Success Kit

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