TopLine Performance Group Inaugural Meeting: A Recap

PROFITsystems performance groups meet to increase profitability


Last month, 20 retail sales professionals met in Peoria, Illinois, with a focus on improving sales volume. The inaugural TopLine Performance Group meeting went off without a hitch, and I am pleased to report that all who attended left equipped with the tips and best practices necessary for improvement.

The meeting began with a tour of Sherman’s Furniture, Electronics, and Appliance operations, where Sherman’s store managers did a great job of showing the group how they manage such a high-paced sales floor while still delivering excellent customer service.

Performance group members participated in best-practice discussions covering a wide range of topics, each giving and receiving actionable tips for marked improvement.  Some of the practices shared included techniques to improve customer tracking, and tips on how to increase average bedding sales, close rates and store traffic. Members also compared key sales performance indicators, digging deeper into how certain members achieved exceptional results while offering advice to those who did not.

Each group member was also asked to bring their most pressing sales management challenge to the meeting for discussion. With the combined experience of the retailers in the room, the power of the advice shared was astronomical. Each member received top-tier recommendations from peers on how to best solve their particular challenge, and all ended the discussion equipped to then conquer that challenge thanks to the wide range of insights shared from so many varying perspectives.

Finally, each member presented goals for improvement that they planned to work towards once the meeting adjourned. This made every retailer in attendance accountable to both their TopLine Performance Group peers and to their own businesses. In the next meeting at Garrison’s Furniture and Mattress in Medford, Oregon, members will be asked to report on their progress and discuss where they are in achieving these goals.

To learn more about the performance groups we run and inquire about getting involved, please contact me at david.mcmahon@highjump.comIf you’re still on the fence about joining, here are some comments from current group members to encourage you to take the leap:

“Amazing experience. The group knowledge is overwhelming; can’t wait to do it again!”

-          Joe Alvarado

 “It was great. I have a lot of takeaways, met a lot of great people and had fun!”

-          Chris Baca

“The group participation was great. This helped in getting new ideas and feedback for our business plans.”

-          Brad Lutz

“It’s so informative to hear perspectives from other businesses.  There are so many great ideas and we love the format that David McMahon and Wayne McMahon put together.  We are very glad they came up with this group meeting for sales managers.”

-          Tony Hnilicka

“Everything was well put together and the information was shared freely.  I enjoyed it and learned a tremendous amount.”

-          Jason Honeycutt

“I’d say that compared to an owner’s group meeting, we got more improvement ideas that were more specific and concrete.  This was more operational stuff, and that makes sense as we all had our managers there who are in the thick of the day-to-day work.  We’ll be sending our sales manager to the Topline performance group meetings and I’ll continue to attend the owner’s meetings.  Both incredibly valuable, in slightly different ways.”

-          Paul Sherman

David McMahon, CSCP, CMA, EA is VP of consulting and performance group at PROFITsystems, a HighJump Company. He holds professional certifications as a Certified Supply Chain Professional and is a Certified Management Accountant. David directs four performance groups (the Kaizen, Visionary, Gladiator and TopLine groups) and multiple consulting projects.  He can be reached at  

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