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Utilize PROFITsystems’ invaluable industry expertise and leverage the capabilities of the RETAILvantage solution to the fullest.


  • Provide real-world, hands-on training to your employees so that they will know exactly what is expected of them and the best way to accomplish it every time.
  • Apply advanced inventory management to increase GMROI and see the benefit year after year.
  • Implement financial forecasting tools.
  • Conduct sales management training to establish metrics and take actions to increase the top line.
  • Administer bar coding that produces 99% inventory accuracy.
  • Seek to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through properly executed systems.

Built on a deep understanding of the furniture industry, PROFITsystems business consulting helps furniture retailers create the most efficient processes and workflows for their business.


quote36   “PROFITconsulting helps us execute strategies that add $300,000+ to our bottom line every year. We started working with PROFITconsulting when we had one store, now we have expanded to a number of locations and we are doing better than ever!”

Shupei Chiao

PROFITconsulting Brochure

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