RETAILvantage Demo for EasyChair Users

We recently hosted a RETAILvantage demo for EasyChair users and here’s the recording for you and your team to watch on demand.

In this webinar, we explored RETAILvantage and how it can help your business get ahead. In 60-minutes, you’ll learn:

  • What PROFITsystems has been up to and the Total Retail Success Solution we have to offer to your business
  • Future vision for, and current tools in RETAILvantage
  • How integration with systems like DispatchTrack, DoorCounts and eCommerce can help provide better customer service
  • Tools you can leverage to better market to your customers and keep them coming back
  • Business intelligence tools and how RETAILvantage empowers you to make better decisions and grow your business
  • Ease of use and employee training on the RETAILvantage system
  • What a smooth conversion from EasyChair to RETAILvantage looks like, including hardware compatibility and requirements

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