How to Create a LEAN Salesforce


lean sales teamLEAN can mean a variety things, but across the board, a LEAN business is one which continues to evaluate and then improve every area their operation, so that the customer experience is overwhelmingly positive.

In his first introductory installment of a series of articles, David McMahon detailed the differences between a LEAN operation and a business in chaos, sharing different LEAN techniques that could be applied to the B2C business model. Now, in his second installment, David goes into even more detail regarding the application of LEAN techniques to hyper-specific areas of your operation – in this case, your salesforce.

When a business has a LEAN salesforce, it outperforms other operations that would seemingly be their equals, in everything from revenue to gross margin percent.

A LEAN salesforce is one which:

-             Seeks continuous improvement

-             Measures success against strategic metrics

-             Uses the 80/20 rule to focus on activity that moves the needle

-             Has the right attitude and commits to producing results

From implementation to establishing benchmarks and measuring performance, this article details the precise actions you need to take to transform your salesforce into a LEAN, mean, money-making machine. Click here to read the full article, and learn how to revamp your operation today.

Jackie Loeffler

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