Challenge Yourself – By Lee Rychel

Are you paying double for your accounting work?  Daily, we work with clients who are struggling with maintaining two accounting systems. Some are just doing so out of habit, whereas others are “required” to do so by a third party.  If you are paying someone to enter your data into a third party accounting program – stop!  The savings in eliminating this work will often offset your entire support or hosting billing.

RETAILvantage is capable of delivering quality financial reporting acceptable to any bank, vendor and the IRS.  Need it tweaked a bit for your purposes? No problem. Get with our support team and they will walk you through how to create custom financial reports to meet almost any need, including reporting by region, store group and a myriad of other combinations.

In my personal experience running a $10M three-store operation, we removed over $20,000 worth of accounting costs in less than two years.  You can reduce these costs too, because you don’t need to hire someone to double enter data already in RETAILvantage.  That being said, you do need your accounting team to help you manage your assets, deliver depreciation schedules and provide other information they are skilled at providing. Outside of those things, however, the PROFITsystems retail management system does the rest for you.

Not convinced?  Print a Trial Balance, and you will see that the transactions you enter every day are already flowing to the financial reporting nested within the software.  Only using part of the system?  Financials need to be cleaned up?  Call us.  We have worked with hundreds of clients who’ve cut the cord and their accounting costs.  You can make this all happen with a phone call and some help from our team.

Take control.

Jackie Loeffler

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