Software for Retailers That Helps Organize Vital Information

As a home goods or furniture retailer, you know that software for retailers can make or break your operation. Not all software programs take the unique needs of the home goods industry into account. You need retail POS software that lets you easily access customer records, process new customers, set and alter delivery dates, and that gives you an accurate representation of what is going on in your warehouse and on your sales floor.

In short, a simple point of sale system simply won’t cut it. With PROFITsystems, a Highjump product, you get the versatility and power you need with software for retailers that lets you look at the data that keeps your business running smoothly.

Investigating Sales Trends With Software for Retailers

PROFITsystems lets you easily and quickly view sales trends over time, providing a valuable tool for employee assessment and warehouse management. Our RETAILvantage management system lets you keep track of every piece of inventory with a barcoding system that is simple and efficient to implement and use.

Minimizing warehouse losses and miscounts also means that your inventory data is more reliable and more easily tracked. With PROFITsystems you can see what items and even what finishes or fabrics are really selling, instead of just viewing a “bottom line” ordering threshold.

PROFITsystems‘ retail POS systems also let you view statistics for your sales staff, so you can optimize their roles on the floor, reward your top-selling employees, and optimize your customer experience. Instead of guessing which associates are best in which areas, you can view proven sale records that indicate completed sales down to the department. You can even improve employee satisfaction and performance by rewarding those employees who do a stellar job every month, all with no guess work.

Cloud Solutions at Your Fingertips

Perhaps best of all, PROFITsystems offers comprehensive cloud solutions to get your new software and data storage up and running. If inventory and order security and storage are a priority – but hiring a full IT department is not – PROFITsystems‘ cloud solutions are for you. Our secure, reliable servers can host all of your data for an affordable cost, eliminating the need for you to train or hire technology staff, and letting you upgrade your software and data systems to a level that will really make your business grow. Cloud solutions are becoming increasingly popular for inventory and record storage, and provide a safe and secure back up option to keep your data safe from identity theft, hackers, and system failures. For software for retailers that works for you, PROFITsystems has the answers.

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